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You can now order the Classic 301 with customisable options

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The Classic 301 Reference Transcription Turntable pricing available on request

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We Specialise in Sales & Servicing Garrard 301 & 401 Turntables

We specialise in Garrard 301. Our aim is to improve on the sound from the 301 and take it to another level not experienced before on idler wheel turntables. We offer a full range of services, from a single part to a complete restoration.

The Classic 301  is a “new” Garrard 301 using many new upgraded components combined with a small quantity of refurbished Garrard parts.

On its release in 1965 the Garrard 401 promised a number of design changes that would improve on the performance of the Garrard 301 that had been around since 1954, 

The Classic 301 is built on the looks of the Garrard 301 and takes onboard some of the strengths of the 401. The original 301 has a weak point where the  spindle bearing is bolted to the chassis.  The 301 chassis is not rigid at all ! If the platter is rocked side to side the whole chassis bends and distorts 

The chassis of the new 301 is significantly stiffer than the original 301 especially around the critical areas surrounding the bearing and is CNC machined from a solid billet of aluminium.  

The classic 301 has 2 key improvements .

The adjustable brass spindle – The spindle is key to getting a good quality sound seeing the record is directly connected to it. Our new spindle is adjustable so that the VTA can be adjusted while the deck is playing  

The platter with its recessed surface is made from a special alloy we have developed to stop the “ringing” platters make when driven with the idler wheel . These two key features give a true black background to the record recordings . 

Stephen Tyler’s Satin Finish Black Classic 301

I was very humbled indeed to personally take a phone call from no other than the great famous rock star …..Stephen Tyler. I had no idea it was  actually Stephen himself who I was talking to. He said he had  a friend that had one of my Classic 301’s and he had heard how good they are  and wanted one for himself.

We discussed colour options and he said he didnt want a shiny one. Black satin is what he preferred. Then we discussed timescales and I said I was going to the Caribbean for my holiday and he said thats OK I am going to Vegas with my band. So I said whats the band called. He said Aerosmith ……I’m the one that looks like Mick Jagger! It was so special to talk to him and he loves the deck very much. I decided to make a Classic 301 in my range that looks exactly the same that has the satin/matt anodised finish. 




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Garrard 301 & 401

On its release in 1965 the Garrard 401 promised a number of design changes that would improve on the performance of the Garrard 301 that had been around since 1954, unfortunately the quality control on the 401 was not up to scratch and what should have been a sonic step forward was not fully exploited….until now.

Garrard 301 release date

Garrard 401 release date